Screenies is an international film and media festival for children (3–15 years) in New Zealand/Aotearoa.


Children’s film festivals are much-loved events worldwide and we are proud to present New Zealand’s dedicated film festival for kids in New Zealand.

Why A Film Festival?

Preparing our young people to thrive in a rapidly developing global media environment requires a sense of their place in the world. Increasingly young people gain their knowledge of the world from media.

Screenies aims to bring diverse cultural cinema and new digital experiences to Kiwi kids in spaces where they can share ideas and create their own stories.

What about the films?

Screenies 2018 features packages of short films from around the world, curated by Little Big Shots in Australia, a successful children’s festival that tours in Australia.


We have a programme of award winning international feature films to be premiered on the big screen, workshops and New Zealand content made for kids.


Meet the Cast & Crew


Janette Howe

Chief Screenie

Janette Howe has many years in the screen industry as a documentary maker and advocate for children and media as Chair for the NZ Children’s Screen Trust (Kidsonscreen). “Screenies” furthers her commitment to bring children quality screen content and giving them an opportunity to tell their own stories. Janette is a 2015 ART Venture creative entrepreneur award recipient.


Carmela Diaz

Design Screenie

Carmela Diaz is a freelance graphic designer who is into art, music, and all things weird and dreamy. She has worked with indie bands abroad and has done quite a number of projects for various events and companies around New Zealand and the Philippines. She recently participated in an exhibition at Matchbox Studios in Wellington, and is looking forward to joining another one again in the near future.

Community Screenie

Paulina Chen

Marketing Screenie

Paulina left Auckland at fifteen to study abroad in Taiwan before finding herself in England for university. She is currently studying Marketing and Management at the University of Exeter. Although she has lived many years overseas, she will always be a proud Aucklander. She loves to travel and meet people from all around the world.


Brittany Cole

Event Management Screenie

Brittany Cole is a recent school leaver, whose passionate about events and festivals. She’s interested in books, languages and learning new things, and is currently learning NZSL. At Screenies she’s developing her skills and experience in event management, and is excited to be apart of the team.


Kris-Anne Mulder

Event Management Screenie

Kris-Anne Mulder is currently study Cultural Social Population Development (CMV) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

She is interested in art, documentaries and people from different cultures to work with their talents.  She also loves to do a little dance we call life!