Session Nine: Asia Pacific in Focus 1

About This Project

A collection of short films from local filmmakers in the Asia Pacific region featuring a girl who wants to be a sumo wrestler, the secret life of sushi, the adventures of a worst delivery guy in the galaxy and a young boy’s battle with a school bully.


Stranger On Planet Zorgon (Australia) | G

Made as part of the ArtPlay Electric Corpse motion capture workshops.


Achoo! (Japan) | G

This is a story of a snow child. As winter approaches, the snow child rises into the sky. Chilled in the high air, the child turns to crystal, and then gently falls back to the ground.


My Little Sumo (Australia) | PG

Little Australian girl Daisy with the help of her super smart cat Charlie and beloved granny, sets out to become a sumo champ.


Koniguri-Kon – A Small Rice Ball (Japan) | G

Sushi comes to life!


Mr Ks New House (Taiwan) | G

Mr. K decides to build a new house in the tranquil hills to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Just as he prepares to relax, however, he is repeatedly disturbed by animals looking for help with their various housing problems.


A Boy called Su (Australia) | G

Su is in kindergarten and doesn’t speak English. He spends lunchtimes playing alone with his favourite ball. When he loses it to a bully, Su must communicate in any way he knows how to get it back. Only when he stands up for himself can he make friends and leave the ball behind.


Poker (Japan) | G

A baby bird transforms as she flies around the world.


Fabric Cosmos (Korea) | G

A curious paper-boy and a bouncy chipmunk live in a small planet on the fantastic fabric cosmos.


Johnny Express (Korea) | G

In the year 2150, Johnny, a lazy Space Delivery Man, must deliver a package on a planet he does not fully understand.



54 minutes


English, Mandarin, Korean

Recommended Age




International Shorts