Being Yourself

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In an unusual little town, words come out of bottles. Ampersand’s father makes these precious liquids, but refuses to allow his son to taste them. When Ampersand falls in love, he struggles to express himself.


Charlie’s Buck Teeth
Charlie has buck teeth, and his class mates tease him mercilessly. When he is separated during a school excursion, some fabulous creatures help him recognise his hidden talents.


The Day They Met Clive
Some kids are playing football when they meet the monstrous Clive. Though he looks big and scary, he’s actually very sad, and is missing a special friend.


The Moustache
In a town famed for moustaches, a ferocious struggle erupts over who has the most handsome and formidable example. Beware – things get a bit hairy.


Katie is full of worries and is having trouble making friends at her new school. With the help of her father, she finds ways to build her confidence.


Bird of Prey
As two dusty hombres face off for a duel, a hungry vulture awaits the eventual outcome.


Sand Castle
From an isolated desert outpost, soldiers from the Sand Legion do battle with a predatory beast.


Welcome to My Life
Douglas, aka T-Kesh, is part of a monster family, but leads a regular life amongst human boys and girls. Even so, misunderstandings at school can create their own dilemmas.


58 minutes



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International Shorts