Session Eleven: Cows and Circuses

About This Project

A collection of short films recommended for little tots aged 3+ featuring a caterpillar struggling with his cocoon, crooning cows, bungee jumping rodents and a mysterious circus tent.


Circus of the Red Poppy (Slovakia) | G

Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and gate between reality and dream is closing.


Sweet Cocoon (France) | G

A caterpillar goes into a place where she feels safe to undergo her metamorphosis. Her cocoon is much too small for her to get in, hopefully two other insects will help her.


Fred & Anabel (Germany) | G

Fred the feline and Anabel the goose are the best of farmyard friends, spending summer days romping through fields and swinging breezily from the trees. When autumn sends Anabel flying off with her flock, Fred is left longing all winter for his companion — but there’s always spring!


Pitt and Weem: Bungee Jumping (United Kingdom) | PG

Pitt and Weem’s new hobby of bungee jumping needs a high point to get started, and the highest point on the rubbish dump is the signpost. But this is where the Gulls live and no one else is allowed on it. So when the Gulls are away, Pitt and Weem sneak up there to practice their bungee jumping. But things get out of control when a mess is made and the neighbours take revenge – and everyone ends up with mud on their face.


The Smortlybacks (Switzerland and China) | G

On a tabletop mountain a mahout and his strange herd make a surprising and never-ending journey.


Save The Sea (Australia) | G

Learning to surf and saving the sea go hand in hand.


Cows (USA) | G

A simple and stylish animation by Sandra Boynton. The song ‘COWS’ – an all-out Broadway number performed by sincere yet overambitious bovines – was written by Boynton with Michael Ford, and is the bestselling track on the wildly popular platinum-selling Boynton/Ford album PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS. The song is performed by The Seldom Herd (an enthusiastic fictitious group.)



43 minutes



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