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Bad Jubies
Uh-Oh! There’s a stormnado and flurricanes on the way. As Finn and his friends build an underground bunker, Jake the Dog is busy working on other strategies for survival.


Sand Castle
From an isolated desert outpost, soldiers from the Sand Legion do battle with a predatory beast.


A wolf is wandering through the woods, trying to find a peaceful spot to practice his secret hobby. But then a spectator shows up, which changes everything.


Fox Tale
Mr Fox makes fun of a poor hare’s tiny tail, but he soon finds out that what goes around, comes around.


Hey Deer!
A cocoa-drinking deer loves to keep things tidy, but there is something causing a mess each night. The explanation will change the deer’s world forever…


Little Shimajiro
Shimajiro is a mischievous tiger boy living in a quiet forest, whose misadventures reveal that kindness can be learnt through the acts of others, and show how the joy of kindness can help us grow.


In a Cage
In a public park, Bear lives alone in his cage. One day, a baby bird drops out of its nest and a heartwarming friendship ensues.


Head Up
Mama Goat is teaching Kid how to jump over obstacles, but he keeps getting distracted. Soon Mama gets stuck herself and it’s Kid’s turn to teach her something new.


It’s hard when you lose a friend, and sometimes harder to find a new one. Follow Sabaku the bird on an exciting bumpy ride until she triumphs in the end.


Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon
The feeding habits of the common chameleon, as never seen before.


53 minutes



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International Shorts