Session Seven: Critters and Rascals

About This Project

A collection of short films for the whole family featuring a bear who hates to shower, a sneezy snowflake, a tiny giraffe and a food fight for the record books.


Moom (Japan) | G

Have you ever wondered what happens to your forgotten objects? In this story, those objects with a ‘memory’ still attached end up rising from the waters of a magical lake. Scared and lost, memories need help to let go of their objects. Sometimes, it can be as simple as opening a car door or loosening a lid. Other times, memories can have a hard time letting go. Those memories might need more help. This is the story of one of those memories stuck in this world. His name is Moom.


Opossum (Germany) | G

Inside an office there’s a coffeemaker which is used frequently by the employees. Little do they know that the machine is a tiny kitchen and every coffee is actually brewed by an opossum. Day in and day out the opossum is serving cup after cup until the stressful routine is disrupted by little babies that come out of their mother’s pouch. The little ones are very playful and curious. At first the mother can handle the distraction but as they grow bigger chaos takes over.


Bear Me: Beginnings (Poland) | G

‘Bear me’ is the almost true story about friendship, love and the Bear. Lili, the narrator tells us about her great adventure with a furry friend, and all its ups and downs…


Clay Vs Fridge (Australia) | G

A group of friends discover a mysterious kitchen appliance (known to us humans as a fridge), leading to a chain of humorous events.


Achoo! (Japan) | G

This is a story of a snow child. As winter approaches, the snow child rises into the sky. Chilled in the high air, the child turns to crystal, and then gently falls back to the ground.


Playground (The Netherlands) | G

2 Kids are battling it out over a magic wand inside a giant playground, who will win?


The Tie (Belgium) | G

A small giraffe and a tall giraffe have a chance meeting. Despite their obvious difference in stature, they discover a kinship.


Fedde Le Grand: Robotic (The Netherlands) | G

An experiment with self-learning modular robot parts seems to lead to a new breed of dancing robots, but eventually gets out of control.


Bear and Bird (USA) | G

Bear & Bird is about two best friends, a laid back brown bear who just wants to take it easy and an overly excited cardinal who’s one cup of coffee away from a nervous breakdown. This short features the duo in a standoff over Bear’s hygiene, or lack thereof.



53 minutes



Recommended Age



International Shorts