Session Eight: Heroes and Villains

About This Project

A collection of short films for kids aged 7 and older featuring a princess in a blue world, a boy who can travel through time, a life played out in song and the perils of digging dangerous holes.


The Marathon Diary (Norway) | G

Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold and mythic landscape of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going to be a straight line between start and finish. Grotesque events, unforeseen temptations and cheerful absurdities keep driving her off the course as she lags further and further behind.


Eefje Dark Blue (Belgium) | G

Eefje Dark Blue lives happily in her dark blue house with dark blue chairs, a dark blue table, a dark blue bed – in short everything in Eefje’s house is dark blue. Even her best friend Antonio, her dark blue fish. When Eefje Dark Blue gets lonely in her big dark blue house she decides to sell her blueberry jam to the Grey citizens but they aren’t interested in buying her jam and certainly don’t want to talk to her. Because of that Eefje feels more alone then ever. She is discouraged and decides that she does not need anybody else. She could not be happier alone in her dark blue house. But what happens when she encounters a sweet yellow prince?


I’ve Just Had A Dream (Spain) | G

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.


Rewind (Australia) | PG

A paper delivery boy is drawn to an abandoned house while doing his rounds. He discovers an old timber box in the corner of one of the rooms and opens it to find some old photos of the past inhabitants, as well as sketches of an old timepiece and a mysterious looking watch unlike any he has seen before. Upon pressing the button on the watch, he finds himself transported several minutes back in time.


Red Thunder (USA) | PG

A teenager discovers her mother has a secret identity.


Vitello Digs A Hole (Denmark) | G

Vitello needs a friend. Of course there are Max and Hasse, but they are irritating and not at home. So Vitello wants a new friend, and the easiest way to get one is to buy candy, then you always get friends.


A Single Life (The Netherlands) | G

When playing a mysterious vinyl single, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her life.



53 minutes


Dutch, Spanish, English, Danish

Recommended Age



International Shorts