Kids Behind the Camera 2

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Lilly Hits the Road
Lilly the one-eyed monster and Fluffle, her little friend, are out driving in their car when aliens abduct them. How will they get home??


The Day They Met Clive
Some kids are playing football when they meet the monstrous Clive. Though he looks big and scary, he’s actually very sad, and is missing a special friend.
Grandma’s Gift


Buddies not Bullies
There’s a new boy at the school who thinks he may have trouble with a group of the other boys. Luckily, they’re not as bad as they first appear.


Walrus Moustache
A ringmaster with big moustache travels the world in search of artists. His recruiting methods have a pretty dubious nature.


Frankenstein’s Many Brains
Poor Igor. He thought he was applying to be Dr Frankenstein’s cake-baking assistant. He soon discovers he should have read the fine print first.


Net Head
There’s a sleepover tonight, but one girl’s got herself grounded. Using creative measures, she sneaks out – with unfortunate results.


Chasing Dreams
Winston the Magic Dog Arthur’s dog Winston has magical powers. When he summons up a llama, Arthur gets perplexed.


Google Maps
Not many people know that Google Maps was invented in Australia. Twelve year-old Ruby wants us all to know better.


In the Depth
Based on Darwin’s concept of “survival of the fittest”, everyday tools are transformed into sea creatures living in a magical underwater world.


Magma Rises
A volcano is erupting and threatens a local village. The population calls out for help from a reluctant super hero.


Octavius Flag Frenzy
Given the task of delivering the premiership flag to the big game, Bob is ambushed by his arch rival Octavius – will he get it there in time?


56 minutes



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