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One Hell of a Plan
Two sneaky crooks release a horde of cats and make the dogs go wild. Under the cover of the mayhem and noise, they undertake their nefarious plot, but even the best laid plans can go astray.


In the Distance
It is calm and peaceful above the clouds, but in the distance, there is war. Night by night, the chaos advances and one peaceful man must make a tumultuous decision.


The Girl of 672K
To the casual observer, Annegien is just a normal fifteen year-old girl. To the online community, however, she is a creative sensation with a strong connection to her followers.


Follow Your Heart
Many people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but in this town, they get walked on a leash. When Mary loses her her beloved Skip, she is, well, heart broken.


Two astronauts meet whilst floating in deep space. Together they try to journey home, only to discover a cataclysm has preceded them.


Atop a rustic shed sits Voltaire, a battered weather vane rooster. One storm-lashed night, he spies the golden cock at the spire of the city’s cathedral. Unfortunately, a fearsome gargoyle fowl has noticed this one too.


58 minutes



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