Session Five: Mice and the Moon

About This Project

A collection of short films recommended for tiny tots aged 3+ featuring mischievous mice, melancholy moons, strange sea creatures and the touching friendship between a boy and his cat.


Queen Bum (Switzerland) | G

«Teeter-Totter-Town» is a Queendom high above the clouds. The subjects, Triangle and Fourangle, suffer from the ups and downs of their little world and would like to get rid of their Queen Bum. «Teeter-Totter-Town» explodes in an array of fireworks, turns into a raft afloat on stormy seas and finally drifts as a starship through outer space.


Amicus (Mexico) | G

In a city where people are lonely, a child of the street and an alley cat befriend each other helping find security in chaotic world.


Aqua (Australia) | G

A young boy, Periwinkle escapes his mundane polluted surroundings when he ventures into a magical underwater environment. There he encounters many exotic sea creatures including Bun; a morphing Jellyfish who protects him against exposure to the water and Dorothy; a struggling sea turtle trapped in a net. After rescuing Dorothy things take a turn for the south when Bertha; a giant plastic octopus comes onto the scene. Bertha’s toxic presence and uncontrollable thrashing threaten to destroy the beautiful reef where the sea creatures live. Now it is up to Periwinkle and his new found friends to stop Bertha in her tracks and revert the sea back to its pristine state.


Hooked (USA) | G

Captain C is a kind but lonely old man looking for a friend, there is only one problem, his pirate attributes are scaring people away. Saddened and defeated, Captain C finds companionship in a stray balloon, displaying his gentle nature towards others, and changing the perspectives of those who feared him.


The Perfect Houseguest (USA) | G

A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.


Little Monster Ben (Switzerland) | G

Little Monster Ben is not happy today. Tomorrow will be his birthday and he’s afraid of not getting the desired monster hat. So he’s crying and screaming all the time until his mom tells him to stop. Otherwise the birthday monster will come at night and take him away.


Blue Moon (The Netherlands) | G

When Sun finds out that Moon is lonely at nights, together with the animals he comes up with a plan to cheer Moon up.


Bling “Bye Bye” (United Kingdom) | G

If you break a special thing you can put it in the Bye Bye Box and keep it safe, so you don’t ever forget.


I Am Not A Mouse (United Kingdom) | G

Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?



40 minutes



Recommended Viewing Age



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