KIDS Behind the Camera

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Session 5: KIDS Behind the Camera


Time/Date: 4pm Thursday 11 July




From warbling penguins to psychedelic dreamscapes, be inspired by the best and brightest young filmmakers.


Rating TBC | International Short Films | 52.31 mins | 5+



Film Screening:


The Cosmospenguin in the Opera (2019), dir. Luca Potskhishvili, AUSTRIA

On Jupiter, the Cosmopenguin can’t find neither opera house nor opera singer! On planet Earth he finds them in abundance.


Why? (2018), dir. Simon Digby, AUSTRALIA

A stop-motion clay man develops an understanding of his world and learns not to jump to conclusions so quickly.


Curiosity Met the Cat (2018), dir. Maksym Poplavskiy, AUSTRALIA

A strange cat arrives on Mars via a shuttle and begins exploring the landscape, only to be discovered by the curiosity rover.


Taking it Too Far (2018), dir. Alako Myles, AUSTRALIA

Things become problematic for two strangers waiting at a bus stop after a joke goes too far.


Water’s Spell (2018), dir. Areti Tsironis, Rosy Gaden, Sonny Laing, and Nick Smolijko, AUSTRALIA

Olga is a young witch who just wants to join the village children in their games.


Philipe (2018), dir. Fuby Foster-Swain, AUSTRALIA

Phillippe was an ordinary, contented frog. He loved his cosy cottage ands his job at the library. One day, however, the library manager told him he was going to be replaced with a robot.


IT Support (2018), dir. Eli Rauchberger, AUSTRALIA

A group of kids forms a support group for people with technology addiction.


Giba (2018), dir. Year 7 at Doveton College, AUSTRALIA

It is Chance’s birthday and he is sent on a journey into the heart of Australia to protect a special rock.


That One Curious Apartment (2018), dir. Year 6 Doveton College, AUSTRALIA

A dripping roof leads the tenants of an apartment block to new lives.


Orange Friends (2018), dir. Maya Lee, AUSTRALIA

Leo the lion has never seen a creature like Spikey before. Leo tries to scare him off, but Spikey just happily copies him. Will Leo still be King of the jungle?


Sleep (2017), dir. Lillianne Lord, AUSTRALIA

A year 12 student burns the candle at both ends. It’s a tough year, with heaps of pressure. Will she find a way to get some much needed sleep.


Dream Plucker (2018), dir. Ariel Dzino, AUSTRALIA

A young woman has a curious dream of moulting satellites and sublimely bizarre creatures. Upon awakening, she questions the verisimilitude of a dream which blurred the lines that separate reality from dream.


A Dog’s Story (2018), dir. Arkhip Varfolomeev, RUSSIA

All the dogs in this city believe that a magic bone will help them! The nomadic cats led by Khan Catirius attack the prosperous dog city.


52.31 minutes


No Dialogue/English subtitles





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