Stars in the Light

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Session 6: Stars in the Light


Time/Date: 6.00pm Thursday 11 July


Live action and Incredible animations from some of the best short filmmakers in the world.


Please see individual film ratings below.


Pyjama/Onesies Session


PG Coarse language | International Short Films | 60 mins | 7+

Tickets available on Eventfinder ($6.50 earlybird $5.50)


Films Screening:


Starlight (2017), dir. Tyler Thompson, UNITED STATES (G)

An old man who lights the stars of the sky has lost his motivation and an unknowing little boy may be his only remaining source of light.


Edward’s Miraculous Bookstore (2017), dir. Annabel Essink, NETHERLANDS (G)

In an attempt to save his parents from the monstrous divorce they are getting, Robin (12) gets lost in the miraculous world of an old bookstore.


The Man and the Fish (2018), dir. Lewis Leon, CANADA (PG)

Set against the backdrop of a vast, frozen tundra; a grizzled fisherman gets his comeuppance from a vindictive, yet familiar fish.


The Pen Licence (2018), dir. Olivia Peniston-Bird, AUSTRALIA (G)

Nine-year-old Tiana knows it will take a miracle to get her Pen Licence. She’s fallen behind in class, her writing loops are a mess, and the pressure’s really on.


Grandpa (2018), dir. Zozo Jhen, Tena Galovic, Marine Varguy, Yen-Chen Lui, and Ellis Kayin Chan, FRANCE (PG)

A journey of a 7 year-old boy’s acceptance of his grandpa’s death in a traditional Taiwanese funeral.


Stars (2016), dir. Han Zhang, UNITED STATES (G)

Grandpa and grandson street sellers sell stars in a town near the shore. One night, they run out of the stars.


The Give and Take (2018), dir Anna Hopkins, CANADA (PG Coarse language)

When eleven year old Amy finds an old eighties video game magazine she dials the phone number displayed on the back, and in a strange cosmic glitch gets connected to Caesar Spinone, a video game call center employee in the year 1989.


60 minutes


No Dialogue/English/English subtitles




PG Coarse language

International Shorts