Kiddets and the Kiri and Lou Collection

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Session 7: Kiddets and the Kiri and Lou Collection


Time/Date: 9.30am Friday 12 July




Zoom into space! Kiddets introduces five new WotWot characters, a team of explorers who will one day crew their own ship and set off to investigate other planets.


“Kiri and Lou is a claymation musical comedy with songs by the original Front Lawn duo, Harry Sinclair and Don McGlashan. It is utterly charming and delightful…” – The Spinoff


Come dressed from outer space or from around the world for spot prizes in Session 7 and 8.


Rating TBC | NZ Short Episodes | 66 mins | 3+



Kiddets Episodes:


Creature Feature 

Dapper and SpottyWot have a drawing competition to create the most scary mythical monster mashup! The Kiddets work together to give Dapper animal inspiration.


Animal Noises 

The Kiddets have fun in the garden coming up with their own imitations of animal noises. Stripes needs help to give him the confidence to make up animal noises, so the Wotwots create a game ending in a moosical masterpiece.


Honey to the Bee

The loopy fruity machine has run out of honey. The Kiddets turn to the WotWots to learn all about bees and how honey is made.



The Kiri and Lou Collection:


Yum Yum Baronies 

Kiri and Lou are going to have a feast of their favourite fruit – yum yum baronies, but Lou loses control and eats them all before Kiri can have any.


Funny Feeling

Lou’s drumming makes Kiri feel funny and wobbly all over. Pania explains that there’s nothing wrong – it’s called dancing.


The Very Very Best 

Kiri, Lou and Sorry have a running race and Kiri is shocked to discover that their new friend is way faster than she is.


The Something Something 

Kiri and Lou decide to take Pania a giant fruit for a present. But as they bring it to her, they can’t resist having a taste of it. And another. And another.


What’s it like to be a Tree

Kiri and Lou try out being trees, which is mostly about keeping still, and they make a very large new friend named Moa.



Kiri loves to swing on vines, but one day a vine breaks and she flies through the air and gets stuck in a tree. Who is going to rescue her?



Kiri and Lou meet a shy little creature called Small. It turns out she’s a fan and she’s even written a song about them.


66 minutes








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