The Moon and You

About This Project

Little Shimajiro
Shimajiro is a mischievous tiger boy living in a quiet forest, whose misadventures reveal that kindness can be learnt through the acts of others, and show how the joy of kindness can help us grow.


Awesome Beetle’s Colours
A bright and inventive plasticine animation about letters and numbers (with a VERY catchy tune).


Frozen Fun
Elephant and rhino are stuck in the snow, feeling pretty glum. Luckily a cheeky penguin is there to help them out.


Papa Cloudy’s Orchestra
The polar bears are worried that their icy home is melting, so they ring Papa Cloudy for advice. With the help of his fuzzy-felt animal friends, Papa performs a special concert to save the planet.


Dusty and Mop – Toilet Paper
The wondrous joys of toilet paper! Two brush gremlins get up to all sorts of creative mischief (Please don’t try this at home!).


Once in a Blue Moon
It can be lonely on the moon when you haven’t got any playmates. The arrival of a robot astronaut soon livens things up.


How Shammies Tidied Up
Mitten and the Shammies have made a lot of mess. The very wise Mr Cat helps them tidy up.


The Moon and I
As he drifts off to sleep, a little boy realises the moon outside his window is beckoning him to play.


48 minutes



Recommended Viewing Age



International Shorts