Session Fourteen: The Music Video Mix

About This Project

Dragons, Monsters, Pirates and… Poo.  How could a kids song or music video not contain one or more of these things? There’s plenty of each and a whole lot more in this 40 min session of locally created music videos for kids of all ages plus an exciting 30 minute live performance to end the session!


Music Video List:


Aotearoa – Home of our Hearts | Rainbow Rosalind

Wonky Donky | Craig Smith

Wally Flopp | Fairy Luna

It’s not a Monster, It’s me | Raymond McGrath

NightClub | Fatcat & Fishface

The Romans | Mr Roberelli

Mighty Maui | AKEE

Wreck of the Diddley | Fatcat & Fishface

Pirate Limbo | Festus McBoyle

My Bike | Busy Beavers

Xmas in Ngahere | Itty Bitty Bits

Have you seen a monster | Raymond McGrath

Don’t Sit Under The Poo Tree | fleaBite



80 minutes



Recommended Viewing Age

All Ages



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