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Bad Jubies
Uh-Oh! There’s a stormnado and flurricanes on the way. As Finn and his friends build an underground bunker, Jake the Dog is busy working on other strategies for survival.


In a Cage
In a public park, Bear lives alone in his cage. One day, a baby bird drops out of its nest and a heartwarming friendship ensues.


Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service
When a not so charming Prince slays the dragon guarding a fairy tale Princess, she promptly orders a new one from the Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service. They deliver whatever, wherever, whenever…


In a busy life, a father tries to teach the right way to his son. But… what is the correct path?


One day, a bird steals the hat from Jack in the Box. Devastated at his loss, he sets off in pursuit. When Jack discovers why the bird stole it, he is faced with a difficult choice.


The Gift
Sara makes a special anniversary gift for her parents, only to discover they are arguing again. Using the powers of her imagination, she safely delivers the present with a bonus extra message.


Outdoor Cinema (Cinema Dehors)
A group of little critters make an outdoor cinema that reflects the world around them. One of them, however, thinks they are missing something quite important.


Sand Castle
From an isolated desert outpost, soldiers from the Sand Legion do battle with a predatory beast.


57 minutes



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International Shorts