Trying New Things

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Trial and Error
When a button falls off his coat, a philosophical man tries to replace it with a range of surprising, unexpected possibilities.


It’s hard when you lose a friend, and sometimes harder to find a new one. Follow Sabaku the bird on an exciting bumpy ride until she triumphs in the end.


Fox Tale
Mr Fox makes fun of a poor hare’s tiny tail, but he soon finds out that what goes around, comes around.


Mo’s Bows
Moziah Bridges is a sixth-grade student in Memphis, Tennessee. He’s also an extraordinary young businessman who loves bow ties.


A wurst-sausage inside the fridge falls in love with the bread outside on the kitchen table. Driven by longing and desire, the wurst tries everything to reach the other side of the fridge door.


Bright Spots
An environmental scientist explains how childhood discovery and adventure drove his insatiable curiosity to explore the outside world, and help save threatened species.


Stick Man
Stickman lives with his family in their wonderful Family Tree. Unfortunately, whenever he goes out, everybody else thinks he just, well, a stick.


56 minutes



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International Shorts