Make a movie on your mobile device, experiment with your phone/tablet and be surprised by the results! Creative storytelling, working collaboratively, tips and tricks and fun filming a story in groups.

MOTAT: 6 - 8 yrs

MOTAT: 9 - 12 yrs

MOTAT: 13-16 years

Lakehouse Arts: 9-13+

Blockhouse Bay: 9-13+

Te Tuhi: 9-13+

About us
Screenies has teamed with MINA (Mobile Innovation Australasia) and co-founder Laurent Antonczak to develop these workshops. Laurent is a well-travelled educator and has lectured and supervised students in both France and New Zealand, as well as holding workshops, speaking and carrying out research in several different locations around the world. Laurent is a multiple award-winning researcher at Colab – AUT University focusing on Mobile Technologies & Education.